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Today you can charge not only flagship smartphones, but also many wearable gadgets: headphones, watches and fitness bracelets. We have selected the fastest wireless Apple portable phone chargers with the best value for money available on the market.

The technology is still supported by a small number of smartphones. This list mainly includes flagships and gadgets from the upper price bracket. However, the feature is becoming more and more popular due to its versatility (no need to buy additional cords for each phone) and convenience.

Our top 5 best devices

Huawei SuperCharge Wireless Charger 27W / 40W

Wireless charging Huawei SuperCharge Wireless Charger 27W will cost the buyer $ 50. However, for this amount, he will receive a compact and light (only 105 g) device that can quickly charge any modern flagship. In principle, this charger is also suitable for models of almost all manufacturers using previous generations of Qi technology with an indicator of 18, 15, 10, 7.5 and 4.5-5 watts.

Among the features of these Apple portable phone chargers, it is worth noting:

  • – automatic voltage regulation in accordance with the technology supported by the phone;
  • – recognition of foreign objects falling on the surface;
  • – built-in fan, effectively cooling the case of the charged phone;
  • – discreet white and gray design suitable for home or work installations.

27 W is quite a lot of power. Nevertheless, there are smartphones that can be charged at 40W, for example, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. With a 40-watt device, it takes one hour to fully charge. Especially for such smartphones, the brand released a 40W wireless charger.

The 40-watt model comes as a stand with two Qi coils, allowing the phone to be positioned at a 60-degree angle. This is a great way to watch a video, video call or otherwise use your phone while charging its battery. The device is made of aluminum, due to which it is distinguished by decent strength, and received an active cooling system. The cost of Apple portable charger for iPhone is on average $ 50.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charger 20W

The device allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet with a maximum power of 20 W and a current strength of up to 2 A. But the price of Apple power bank for iPhone does not exceed $ 30, and in online stores you can find offers even for $ 22. Although, in pursuit of a low price, there is a risk of acquiring a fake.

 The dimensions of the device can accommodate most modern smartphones, and the universal design makes it possible to fit into almost any interior. Among the advantages of the Xiaomi charger are a fast USB Type-C port and a charging progress indicator. If everything is in order, the LED glows with a steady green light, if there are problems, it starts blinking. Other advantages include the presence of a cable in the kit, which does not have to be purchased separately. In addition, dust and other contaminants are clearly visible on the white body of the device.

Samsung EP-P5200

One of the most popular manufacturers of smartphones and wearable electronics, Samsung, also produces wireless chargers that support, first, the devices of the “native” brand.

For the latest flagships from the Galaxy S20 line, the Samsung EP-P5200 25W wireless charger is perfect – with it, smartphones can be fully charged in 60 minutes. However, if you put an iPhone on the charge, the process will take longer – the maximum power for Apple phones is only 7.5 watts.

The lack of support for high-speed charging for products of a number of other manufacturers can be compensated by the fact that the pad is divided into two zones. The first one is for phones with FAST CHARGE support. The second is for models that support FAST CHARGE 2.0. Moreover, charging in the first zone is carried out not only for phones, but also for wrist gadgets: smart watches and bracelets that support the corresponding technology. Using the second pad, you can also charge the Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones. Two devices can be charged at the same time – however, in this case, the power will be divided between them, and the speed of recharging the batteries will decrease.

In general, this device is one of the most reliable portable Apple phone charger.

Baseus Three-coil Wireless Charging Pad

Not the most well-known among domestic buyers, however, the Baseus brand, which is quite popular in the world, produces the budget Three-coil Wireless Charging Pad. The presence of three coils allows you to place your phone on it in any position – for example, to read or watch a video while recharging. The silicone case is strong enough, does not scratch the surface of the smartphone installed on it and does not allow the mobile gadget to slide.

The price of the device is only $ 22. Other features of the model include:

  • – high efficiency of energy conversion (72%);
  • – presence of an indicator showing that the charging process is proceeding normally;
  • – stylish design and the ability to choose the color of the case – there are white and black models on sale;
  • – a leg that allows you to place the phone vertically;
  • – reliable protection against power surges and overheating.

The Apple portable charger for iPhone allows you to charge wirelessly all Qi-enabled smartphones, regardless of brand. The length of the charging cable is 120 cm. The amperage is automatically selected – 1.67 or 2 A, depending on the technology supported by the phone and the state of charge of the battery.

Anker PowerWave 7.5W Quick Charge 3.0

Almost the only drawback of the Anker PowerWave 7.5W charger is its high price. On sale, the charger can be found for 4200-4500 rubles – more expensive than most analogues. But, despite the power value of 7.5 W indicated directly in the name, the maximum value reaches 10 W – but only for models based on Android OS, first of all, the flagship smartphones Samsung and Huawei.

In addition, the portable Apple phone charger has received many interesting features that make it worth buying, despite the high price:

  • – an effective ventilation system and a special sensor that protects the charged phone from overheating;
  • – large charging surface with anti-slip coating;
  • – LED indicator showing how the charging process is going;
  • – the ability to charge the phone without removing the case – if the thickness of the accessory does not exceed 5 mm.

The built-in intelligent safety system automatically changes the amperage depending on the charging stage. This protects the phone from malfunctioning during the charging process and extends battery life.

Rombica NEO Q17 Quick

A relatively inexpensive (about $ 22) Apple power bank for iPhone charger allows you to charge Apple smartphones with a power of 7.5 watts. For owners of gadgets on Android OS, charging at a higher speed (10 W) is available. It is not necessary to remove the case from the phone being charged – but users note that charging does not work with a thick accessory.

Among the features of the device, one can note the presence of two coils and comfortable legs – this allows you to put the phone on charge and simultaneously use it to watch movies, both in portrait and landscape orientations. Another plus is the soft, non-scratching eco-leather coating, which provides the charger with a rather stylish design.

Light weight (about 75 g) makes it easy to take the gadget with you. In addition, the only relative disadvantage of NEO Q17 Quick is the presence of only passive cooling. There is no fan here – only holes in the case.


We hope this article was helpful to you. Now, when you are about to make a purchase, you will know what is the best portable charger for iPhone. At the same time, we want to point out that it is important to check whether the device is original, as many stores today sell fake gadgets. Moreover, often even the sellers themselves may not know that they are selling a fake. Therefore, always check carefully what you are going to buy.